My blog is for…

August 13, 2008

My blog is for my frineds or someone who I know. So, my goal is that my blog lets them know my life, my thought, and my favorite. I really would like to communicate them by using blog on web. It is specail for me to keep in touch with them via Internet. I’m sure that I will continue to use blog after calss being over. Before this class, I never used blog. So, this calss lets me have good experience of using blog and managing it.


Football, How Exciting!

August 13, 2008

I watched the football game which was held in Qualcomm Stadium on Saturday. That was first time to watch football game here, no.. in my life. I thouht football was very American sport and I was never interested in it ever. Then, generally speaking, football let people and me think of soccer which was from England in the world. So, I didn’t know any rule about football. Before going to stadium, I tried to study football and could know how for them to play and gey score. The game was so excting and interesting. I could feel that the US people are really into football and I enjoyed it, even though the game was preseason game. After, regular season starting, I will go to stadium again and feel the passion of football.

After midterm exam…

August 6, 2008

All of midterm are over today . The result???? I don’t care about that. Grade is not important for us. If I tried to do best, That is enough. Important thing is that I can enjoy my life in San Diego. I bought a surfing board a couple of days ago. However, If I want to go to beach to surf, I have to keep thinking about the test I should take. I feel that I can get freedom to take my time. I will study English and surf with great friends.