How to Mix Music on Turntables

July 16, 2008


When I was in Korea, I have learned how to use turntables just one time from my firend who is DJ. I thought turntables was hard to manage before learning it, but it was not so much hard. However, I can’t say I’m good at using it, or rather, I’m poor, even though It is easy to deal with. I plan to learn it from him again after going back to Korea.


How to mix music on turntables


Choose which kind of turntables you are comfortable with. The older variety is going to be cheaper, but you can only scratch records. New digital turntables are available that allow you to mix CDs or mp3s. These newer ones will be more common in today’s clubs.

Connect the turntables to your DJ mixer. The mixer should be in between the two turntables. It has a fader left and right, which regulates which turntable will be playing, and two faders up and down on each side to control the volume of those turntables.


Find good music to mix together. You can buy loops specially made for this sort of mixing, or you can peruse your own music collection. If you choose the latter, make sure the songs are in the same key and generally work together with each other.


Slide the fader over side-to-side and check the volume of each turntable. You can do this individually or at once by leaving the fader dead center. Adjust volume by sliding the vertical faders upward for more volume and downward for less.


Start one track, get the rhythm down and then push “Play” on the other track on beat. If you’ve chosen your tracks right, they should sink up and create a new complex sound. You can the drop elements in and out, scratch and tamper with the EQ of each turntable as you see fit. Practice over and over and try your luck at house parties or nightclubs. It can be a fun and rewarding past time.


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